Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Before you say "I Do" to being a Bridesmaid.....

Being a Bridesmaid is a huge honor.  Your friend is asking you to be part of the most important day of her life, her Wedding Day.  With that honor comes a commitment. A commitment that not everyone is aware of. Sometimes people just don't realize what is expected of them. This is exactly what made me want to write a book about weddings. If you have never been in a wedding, it can be a little overwhelming. But have no fear, this is where I can help!

There are certain duties you will have as a Bridesmaid. The months following up to the wedding will be consumed by trying to agree with the other chosen few. It is extremely important that the maids get along. You ladies will be making decisions, together. Remember to keep the Bride in mind while making these decisions. The MOH, Maid of Honor, will have her hands full just trying to keep you ladies from killing each other. But that is for another day....

As a Bridesmaid, you aren't just agreeing to wear a (hopefully) pretty dress & have VIP treatment at the wedding.  Your friend is asking you to be there for her in her time of need, no matter how big or small the task is. Here are a few things that are expected of you when you agree to be in the elite group of ladies....The BRIDESMAIDS

  • Buying your dress, shoes & undergarments for the big day
  • Throw a Bridal Shower with the other Maids
  • Help the MOH plan the Bachelorette Party
  • Giving the bride a hand putting together favors, programs, centerpieces, etc..
  • Assist with any setting up before the wedding
  • Going to rehearsal the day before the big day
  • Get your hair done, nails done, spray tan....look good, just don't out shine the Bride
  • Be on time!!!

Every Bride is different.  Some will ask more from you, some may ask less.  I will expain the duties of a Bridesmaid in better detail later.  For now, ask yourself if these are things that you are willing to do.  It is better to gracefully turn down the honor of being a Bridesmaid than being a bad Bridesmaid.  

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